Sample Conceptual Sketches

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation206-261-4668 or Email Barbara here
Everything starts from this crucial meeting. Usually lasting from 60-90 minutes, this is an in depth dialogue between Designer and Client about the Homeowner’s objectives, needs, and dreams. During this time, I will be listening carefully and communicating back verbal suggestions and design ideas. Sometimes, on smaller projects, the client is able to take my ideas and from there, complete their project without any further actions. But often, we agree together that more action is required, and I am able to quote a fee for a customized drafted landscape design, and explain the meetings needed to accomplish the finished plan.

Step 2: The Landscape Design process
If you decide to move forward with a fully drafted Landscape Design, there will be a series of site visits, first to measure and map your property, and then preliminary meetings to bring my ideas to the table. You will have plenty of opportunity to make discuss options and make changes before you receive your final plan. Each plan consists of a hardscape plan and a planting plan and is complete with all plant information as well as hardscape construction details. I will also provide you a recommendation for one of my preferred contractors if you wish.

Step 3: Your landscape installation
You will now have a completed set of plans that you can give out to the contractor of your choice, or if you’re skilled, you can install on your own. If you hire one of my preferred contractors, I am able to stay involved in the installation process if you desire.

Sample Landscape Plan

Sample Landscape Plan

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